The Power of Habits

As humans we are all creatures of habit and tend to continue to do what we are most comfortable with. This can be extremely detrimental to our success because becoming successful requires us to step out of our comfort zones and face unsure circumstances. Luckily we can retrain ourselves to see fearful or uncomfortable situations as positive experiences similar to the way we see the pain of a hard set of squats as a necessary evil for muscle growth. The way we choose to perceive things makes all the difference in how we live our lives. Some people see dieting as an awful experience and focus on their current state of discomfort from being hungry, however others choose to focus on the long term benefits of weight loss and improved health. The contrast between these two perceptions of the same experience is what causes some to never seem to be able to lose weight while others are able easily shed excess weight. The same is true for working out, some hate going to the gym because they are focused on the immediate discomfort while others love it due to the results they receive. The great thing is that we can all decide on how we choose to perceive every experience we have.

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Winning in life and at the game of FIRE isn’t only about accumulating a ton of money, it’s about building a life that you enjoy living and not waiting till you are to old to enjoy the benefits of financial independence. It takes 30 days of doing something continuously to embed and new habit in us as humans, However often times with so many external obligations and stresses from work to parenting it is hard to change our schedules unless we purposefully make time to create the new habit. This is where proper nutrition and supplementation play a key role in allowing us to create the life and mental state of mind to ensure that we are successful. We should all make sure that we are consuming enough calories through healthy foods such as lean meats, fruit, and vegetables.  If our incomes are our major path to savings and investing, then our ability to work is paramount, your health is your wealth. Without healthy bodies, we can’t earn the money we need to invest. Without a healthy body we can’t get out and enjoy the world God gave us. If you are looking forward to a nice long retirement, then it is important that you stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible, so that you have plenty of time to enjoy your hard earned money. Any exercise is better than no exercise, but the best type of exercise for health and time are HIIT and weight training. “High Intensity Interval Training” involves short but intense burst of running or some type of cardiovascular exercise, this type of exercising offers better cardio and pulmonary benefits than traditional slow paced running and burns more calories, however the best part is that it takes less than half the time. Weight training or resistance training involves lifting heavy weights to cause our muscles to grow in response to the added weight. Adding muscle to our frames not only burns and displaces fat but also having more muscle burns more fat during normal activities. The best thing about both HIIT and weight training is that you can accomplish both in under an hour per workout and get great results practicing them 4 times a week, that’s only 4 hours a week for better health!!!! In your pursuit of FIRE don’t neglect your body that you have to live in during early retirement and old age. Start now and build some healthy habits that will last a life time and change the way you feel and move during retirement.

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