Mastering Fear

Humans are born with only one fear and that is the fear of falling. However as we grow up we are taught to fear many things. Some are rational fears from a painful experience such as touching a hot stove teaches us to fear fire due to the pain of being burned. Luckily our mind is able to link up that fire or something hot will hurt us and we know to avoid touching a similar item in the future. Other fears we develop are irrational fears like fear of public speaking or fear of failure. Most of these fears stem from our need to be liked and accepted by others. In its most basic form fear is a very helpful, the sense of fear releases the fight or flight response which releases adrenaline through our bodies preparing us to fight or flee from danger. So our sense of fear should be seen as a positive emotion since it was designed to help us preserve life. Unfortunately in modern day most fears are either irrational or from underlying stresses that we can’t kill or flee from. These types of fears often result in long term stress which can be very harmful if not dealt with. These fears usually manifest themselves in a couple ways, one way is through procrastination with is basically us running away from the fear by refusing to take it head on and choosing to not deal with it, the other way is also by avoidance by which we turn to another activity to not have to deal with it. Many of these activities are destructive such as drugs, alcohol, and anger. in my own life I have learned how to deal with these fears and stresses by doing what we were designed to do, face them and beat them into submission. If you have a big deadline looming then instead of wasting time worrying about it take action and start knocking it out, Action always resolves fear.


If you are worried about your future then take massive action and focus on doing what needs to be done to ensure your future is in your control. The feeling of being not in control causes many people to fear the future so make sure you are in control of your life at all times. The more immediate action you take towards something the more you will feel in control. Once you handle the immediate stresses that are causing you to fear something then the final step is to mentally design the type of life you want to live and decide on what types of qualities you would have to have to achieve that life. Once you have done this begin to map out a path to this life by setting short and long term goals that will move you closer to the ultimate life you want. Once you have an action plan and start to make progress you will begin to feel more in control of your life. Your current job will feel like just a means to an end, this means your boss is no longer purely in control but now you are working your master plan and he is just a part of that plan, he is basically working for you now.

man in brown long sleeved button up shirt standing while using gray laptop computer on brown wooden table beside woman in gray long sleeved shirt sitting

This is where the pursuit of F.I.R.E becomes more than just a financial game changer but a complete life changer. There are several milestones in the path to Financial Independence paying off all debts, saving up your first six figures, and hitting lean FIRE, hitting each milestone not only gives us a feeling of accomplishment and increases the momentum towards the next milestone, they also require us to have clear defined goals, when you are working towards those goals you are no longer just an employee working for your boss, you are the boss of your FIRE plan. Just as money compounds, so does hard work, when you get out of debt, you have more money to save each month, when you have a higher savings rate and lower expenses, you are able to get to six figures quicker, when you get to six figures your money begins to grow at a much faster rate, as your money starts to grow and you get to the FU stage, you become more confident in your plan, which helps you work even harder towards it;s attainment. Eventually as your Financial Independence get’s closer to becoming a reality, most of the fears and worries you originally had about money and your financial future seem to melt away, they do this because you set a goal, made a plan to achieve it, and took action.

I hope this advice helps not only eliminate fears but also serves as motivation to begin living the life you dreamed about before you chose to settle for a life of ease and comfort. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I hope it helps.


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