Screw F.I.R.E – Don’t retire early, create a legacy.

People today have become so self centered and inwardly focused on themselves that their only concern is to create just enough Financial success to enjoy a modest life and  free them from the obligations of earning income from trading time for money. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people choosing not to work or to stop earning income, I do think that to save just enough to afford a modest lifestyle for you and your family is slightly selfish, I mean for one thing if anything was to happen to either you, your spouse, or a child, that minimum income to support that modest lifestyle will create almost certain financial ruin, don’t believe me, spend time in a hospital or retirement home speaking to patients or residents and you’ll learn just how uncertain life is and how easily unplanned medical issues can derail a life.

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If we look back in time men were not just providers but they were builders, warriors, conquerors, and empire builders. They didn’t plant just enough crop to barely make it through the winter, they planted as much as they could and if they had excess above their family’s needs they either sold it or gave it to a neighbor. What happened to our desire to grow wealth, create a family name, and create a fortune? Instead of saving the minimum amount to meet our minimum needs for contentment, why not use the excess money we have above our family’s needs to continue to further our family’s wealth and standing in society?

The playbook to wealth is very simple.

Find a source of income that exceeds your monthly expenses

Focus on creating more income while keeping expenses as low as possible

Invest excess finances in assets that increase in value and create more income.

Rinse and repeat.

Yes this is simple but it should be. In modern times this would include getting a job, gaining education or experience to make your time more valuable, when you begin earning more don’t allow your lifestyle or spending to increase but instead invest the difference in index funds, rental property, and start a side business that you can earn income from and hopefully grow as well. See our ancestors did this as well, they first had to make sure they could meet their basic needs of food and shelter, after that they would sell their excess goods or services, they would then invest those proceeds into buying more land and livestock which had a compounding effect for them, many would eventually invest in selling goods made from the land or animals such as wood, wool, hay, etc… The only difference is that those generations knew how hard life was and that nothing is promised so they didn’t barely meet their basic needs and stop, they continued to acquire land and livestock for not only them but for their kids and their grandchildren. They would teach their children to run the farm and insist on them having a better life than they had had.

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Now the question is why don’t we do that? Why should we be so selfish to save just enough to cover our immediate needs and stop working towards furthering our families standing? If our incomes are the largest contributor to our net worth or our family’s security, why cease to use it? Personally I feel obligated to earn as much as I can in my life and to acquire as much as possible to leave to the next generations to come. I could easily stop working and downgrade my standard of living so that I wouldn’t have to work anymore but I’m not that selfish. I want to ensure that I not only meet my needs but that if something happens to me and I require long term medical care, that not only will I be able to receive excellent care but it will not leave my spouse broke, I want to not only meet my needs but create a long runway for my kids to take off from and to be able to help them get a financial head start in life. I want to be able to help care for the aging parents of my wife and I, I want to be able to bless multiple generations of my family, I want my grandchildren to have the option to attend private school, to take music lessons, to take vacations, and to enjoy a life that is full of options. This is called self sacrifice and it is the greatest form of love that one can express. Just as Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life so we could be saved, I choose to give my life, my time, my effort, and my attention to not just making my life as easy and enjoyable as possible but to sacrifice so that generations of my family can be Financially secure. Health is a gift and choosing to exit the workforce at the prime of your earning potential is pure selfishness, not only are you shortchanging yourself but also mankind as you are no longer contributing to the greater good of society. Just as past generations taught their kids to plow a field or milk a cow, I teach my children to budget, to invest, and how to make themselves more valuable to society, however not only do I teach them these essential skills I also give them a head start, this is my duty as a father. When you take a wife and have kids, you are no longer just responsible for yourself but you are responsible for their safety and well being and in today’s time it is less about defending them from physical starvation or the elements as it is about ensuring their financial futures.

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So in closing, MEN……. Be MEN, be not only providers and protectors, be defenders of freedom, be conquerors, build an empire that your grandchildren can be proud of, don’t fall into the trap of becoming satisfied with barely getting by but strive for the best life possible. Do you want your legacy to be “Well grandpa saved some money and retired at 30, then just kinda hung out?” Yes it’s nice being around young kids but as they get older they probably won’t want to be around you so much and when you are dead and gone, I’m sure they would rather have large inheritances than memories of you laying around on the couch……………

Thanks for reading,


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